Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Stock Market Overview -- Financial Crisis Consequence(s)

Possible Financial Crisis Consequence(s)....

Trade Imbalance: It starts with people living beyond their means, and taking on debt. Wages become distorted, production costs escalate, and industries move offshore, resulting in trade deficits, and an unsustainable national debt.

Financial Instability: The financial system suddenly and dramatically destabilizes, when debt levels reach the tipping point. Companies and individuals can no longer borrow money, leading to bankruptcies and soaring unemployment.

Currency War: Politicians seek to cheat economic laws. Governments print money to pay debts and devalue their currency, which temporarily promotes exports and discourages imports -- those who devalue first, gain the most.

Trade War: Governments enact tariffs, taxes, and subsidies as they work to steal trade from each other. Global trade plunges, exacerbating the financial crisis, and unemployment rises. Politicians, again, devalue currencies, and enact more radical populist measures.

Hot War: First mover advantage goes to those who unexpectedly strike first, just like currency wars.

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